To Do List

Create Projects and export them as zipped datapackages.

Display, edit, and delete Projects.

Import Project datapackages.

Export Projects from the Display screen.

Search the Projects Database.

Launch Jupyter Notebooks from Projects on the Create and Display screens.

Remove project methods to a separate methods file (can be done as part of a general overhaul and consolidation of helper methods).

Improve handling of Corpus imports when the name property is not unique within the collection (currently, there is some placeholder code).

Add Process and Script forms. Note: Pending investigation of security issues, it is recommended that we just supply urls to scripts on GitHub.

Create tool to slice or combine collections. See the thought experiment on this topic.

Create a datetime picker that accepts multiple formats and validates properly.

Note: The whole system needs more complete error checking.

Down the line, we might the following items need to be worked on:

  1. Better date handling (calendar popups)
  2. Possibly more intelligent forms for complex properties
  3. Improve the theme and upgrade Font Awesome
  4. Fuller form customisation from the schema
  5. Handling script and process manifests
  6. Running processes from manifests
  7. Import bibliography from Zotero